We have been designing and hand building specialized three-wheeled vehicles since 1974. In the United States, three-wheeled vehicles, weighing under 1,500 pounds, are classified under Federal regulations as a motorcycle. Our designer and President of the company, Bob Keyes, is a Physicist with 30 years of experience in the Aerospace and Defense business, but his first love is vehicles. He built his first hot rod after high school, and has been designing and building vehicles ever since. The TriVette, our first generation design, was based on 25 years of experience designing and building specialized vehicles. The TriVette design was selected as the optimum choice for a high mileage, fully enclosed, all weather, two person commuter vehicle after an extensive systems engineering analysis. The second generation design, based upon the TriVette, was a high speed pursuit vehicle done for the California Highway Patrol under a grant from the National Science Foundation. After years of experience with the first two generation designs, and realizing how remarkable the performance and handling can be if the physics are done properly, he decided to extend the physics of three-wheeled designs into the performance envelope of the worlds fastest exotic vehicles. The Vigillante is that third generation design. Because three-wheeled designs are inherently lighter and more aerodynamic than four-wheeled designs, the Vigillante can easily exceed the performance capabilities of the worlds most famous exotics. Like Bob Keyes says, "It doesn't really take a rocket scientist; it's all just basic physics."

   The Vigillante is hand built to the customer's order, with the customer selecting many of the components. It takes about one year to hand build a Vigillante. If you would like more information, please contact us by phone, fax, e-mail or snail mail. Thanks for your time to visit our web site. At least, now you'll know what it was that passed you like a bullet (no matter what you're driving).