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   Weighing under 1,500 pounds, and with up to 700 horsepower small block Chevy motors, the Vigillante (VigTM) has the power-to-weight ratio of an Indy car. The Vig prototype was inspected and issued a VIN in February, 1993. It is licensed, insured by a major insurance company, and has been driven on public roads since that time.
   The Vigillante is one of the most unique, aerodynamic, and beautiful vehicle shapes ever designed. Wherever you drive, it is the absolute center of attention; no other vehicle anywhere in the world even comes close. Continue?


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  • 0 to 60mph: 3.0 seconds
  • 1/4 mile: under 10 seconds
    at 150+ mph
  • Top Speed: over 200 mph
  • Braking: 1 "g"
  • Cornering: 1 "g"
  • Under 1,500 pounds
  • Up to 700 hp street-legal
    small block Chevy engines


Lasted updated 10/2004
Vigillante 2001